Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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This Week

I thought I'd start this one off talking about me.  I promise I'll keep it short and get to the puppies.  So this is the situation I'm in right now.  I'm not supposed to be on my foot at all.  This is a last chance effort to heal without having to do surgery.  So, sorry to bring up my problems, I don't like to do that.  I'm just askibg ya to be patient with me on rushing out and getting updated pictures of your puppies.
So this was our house a little over a week ago (don't judge me).

Now this is our barn.  More room to run and still cozy!
This was Candy a few days ago coming into Annie's pen to get my attention while Annie's puppies nursed on her!
And these were Candy's puppies feeling very much betrayed!

And here are some super cute team pictures!
These are Annie's boys.

Team Annie's Girls!

Team Candy's Girls

And Team Candy's Boys!
As you can see, they are very similar and every one of them is a winner! I hope you enjoy them all as these photos are not easy to take!! Not to mention, I did way more standing than I shood have that day!!  I have some decent help around here though so I shouldn't complain. Shout out to my mom, my husband, my boys, and my mother in law! 
More pictures are available on the Available Puppies link. 

  • Thanks guys!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just a few Pictures

The puppies are getting bigger!  Noticeably bigger...by the day!  So much so, that when I take pictures I can't get them up before they are soon outdated as the puppies have changed so much.  But I thought, what the heck, I'm posting them anyway.

So basically, the boys are LOVING having these puppies around.  We are in winter mode where we just don't have a lot going on right now, so the timing, as far as attention goes, is perfect.
While the puppies have changed since I took this about 4 days ago, they do still love to curl up and sleep...a lot.  In fact, I'm going to start using the phrase "sleeping like a puppy" instead of a baby.  I know how my babies slept and that phrase never quite made sense to me.
I guarantee my boys go to school smelling like a dog every day.

This is Lucy, our 7 month old pup.  She's been dying to get around these puppies since they were born.  She proved there was nothing to worry about when she did get close. As you can see, she was very friendly.

The last couple of days have been great for everyone to be outside!

The puppies are still a little small to care about being on the ground, and I always get too paranoid...but that doesn't mean it still wasn't great to sit outside with them.

And then my boys were actually tolerant of the pictures...and each other, so I got a little carried away with the photos.

But I have no regrets.

Whoops, this is a little out of order!
But I'm not removing it.
So that's all I've got for now.  Soon I'll be putting collars on them (because they-especially Candy's litter- look identical), but for now, Sam tells me to let them be little...

I would also like to invite you to visit our NEW website-Finley River Retrievers.com!!
It is still a work in progress for sure, but I hope you enjoy!
And as always, thank you to our loyal followers!  We love ya!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

We have yet another litter here to begin the year!

I wasn't totally sure when this one was coming.  Turns out it was just 3 days after Candy!

Like Candy, Annie wouldn't let me leave her alone.  She whined and panted and stirred around for hours.  I was about to call her bluff.

And then, just like that (actually it wasn't just like that, it took about 3 hours), her first puppy arrived.  But then there were no more for an hour and a half.  So I panicked and called the vet.

That usually does the trick...just calling and telling them something is bad wrong to where they are ready if we want to bring her in, puts the dogs in active labor. Not 5 minutes later two more puppies came!

Basically, the whole thing took all day.  But we are thankful as once again, all were born alive and healthy!

This litter has some light ones in the bunch.

So our New Year's Eve was filled with lots of puppies to snuggle (not Annie's though, she didn't want to be bothered).

But Candy is totally fine with any attention she or her puppies get now.

And here's the rascal responsible for all of this...doing what he does best.  It has been a stressful week for him.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Out with a Bang!

Gasp...a blog post!!  Remember when I used to do these like once a week?  Those were the days.  The days of good internet...good, expensive internet that we later cut out thinking we'd find something cheaper and never did.
Anyway, who cares?
Well, it has been far from the most of exciting of years.  And not just that, but some runs of bad luck as well.  So when we confirmed that Candy was indeed pregnant again, we were thrilled!!  I even took her to the vet for x rays to see how many were in there.  He said 7.  I said, "Sweet!"

So a day or so ago, we'd let Candy outside and she'd bolt for the porch to which she'd try to hide under and nest to have those puppies!  It's happened before, and we've had to send our son under there to get her.
So yesterday, she wanted out so very badly.  I kept trying to coax her into her bed.  I'd say, "Here. Lay down and have your puppies."  But she wouldn't.  She sat there staring at me.  So, like always, I went in and sat down with her and pet her.
Which drove Annie crazy!

And once she knew I was in there to stay, the puppies started coming!!

In an hour she had 7!  Just like the vet had said!
I said, "Good job, Candy, you're such a good mama!"
And I walked out to see how trashed the house had gotten since I'd left the boys unattended.

I came back in and saw her licking and biting a puppy...her 8th puppy!!
 I said, "Oh, you're the best dog ever, Candy!  I love you so much!"
And I went to text my husband, who'd left to run errands, about this 8th one.

I came back in to make sure all was well and figured Candy would be resting.  I counted and recounted and each time I came up with 9 puppies!!!
I texted Sam again and I believe it said
"That vet lives on a throne of lies (name that movie).  We've got 9!"
After that I went in to check on her and I didn't text him again in fear of being crazy...or dumb.  When he came home he went in to see them and came back out to tell me there were 10!!
 I said, "I knew it!!  I'm not crazy!"
That's how many I had counted too but I was too shocked!

She rested easy after that.  That was it, 10 beautiful puppies!
I was so proud of her!

5 girls and 5 boys...all taking on the exact same rat-like features.

And Candy, having not been a mama in over a year, is happy and content too.

She loves them.  And she wants the other dogs at the window to go away.

The boys waited a whole 2 hours, maybe, to touch them.
Words of insight from my son: "Hey Mom, you know what these puppies remind me of?  All the other puppies we've had."

And this one tells people who ask if he likes the puppies, "yes, they are my favorite mammals."

So read into the title of this post however you like...the puppies literally did come out with a bang all in about 2 hours!  Or, this rather unproductive year is definitely going out with a bang!!
Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring is here!!I

We've been having some warm weather here finally.  It's great for everyone!  

This week we took the boys to the river to fish.

And the dogs plunged in!!

They loved it!!

Surprisingly though, there wasn't a single fish to catch after 5 dogs ripped through the water!

So obviously, the fishing didn't keep his attention.

Huck isn't much of a swimmer...more of a wader.

The swimming didn't keep the dogs' attention either.  They were distracted by a squirrel that
ran into this tree.

They never did find that pesky thing!
I don't know why they're disappointed, I don't know
that they've ever actually caught one.

This is our new addition, Elsa!  She's still getting used to everything.

But she already looks the part of a Finley River Retriever!

These are my boys.  They are the best of buds, they get along great.

I mean, sometimes they do.
And sometimes they pull each other into the freezing cold water.

This was the catch of the day!
Caught by the bare hands of my very brave boys.
(Yeah right, they screamed.  I caught it.)

But I handed it to them and they thought they were tough.

We can't wait for more of these days to come!

Days where we can all get filthy, 

and tired!