Friday, April 3, 2015

Run Like the Wind!

We're all happy to have been able to get outside almost every day this week to see all the animals.

We've been loading up in the Gator and just getting out!

The dogs love this time of the day when they can get out and run!

They run like the wind!

The loyal Candy always stays close.
Where are they running?

To the water of course.

Unless they smell a rabbit...then they head in that direction.

Sam brought his chainsaw to cut a path for the Gator so I could continue to do what I do best...sit.  Only now I can sit closer to the bank.
Don't worry, they still come to check on me.

The boys love it down here!  The more accident possibilities, the better!

My mom probably won't like these pictures.

 Not my best photography work this time.  It's difficult to get them on the move all the time.  I hope you enjoy.  Happy Easter everyone!  Enjoy your families and the true meaning of how wonderful this holiday is.  We stayed in tonight and explained the meaning of Good Friday!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crazy Spring Weather

I told ya I'd post more pictures of our river adventures!
This was on our way to the river.  But on our way, we ran into my dad, who needed help getting his cows where they needed to be.

So we booted the dogs out and told them to get to work, as if they're trained stock dogs or something.
It was pretty intense, I didn't get many pictures.

Well, I did have time to take this one.

After chasing the cattle, Dolly and Huck needed some much needed rest.

They were praised for a job well done.
We finally made it to the river for some recreation after all the work.

After that, we had a week of crazy weather.
This is a picture of nickel sized hail taken out of my living room window. . .

and this was about 10 minutes later.

That crazy storm cleared up and made for a beautiful sunset.
A fog set in the next morning and for those of us who didn't have to drive anywhere too early, it made for a beautiful sunrise as well!

And then that afternoon, another storm came rolling in.  I love those colors!

Then yesterday...SNOW?!!
I know I posted about how pretty and fun it is back in February, but c'mon, it's late March!  It's not welcome anymore.
Today was far from the nicest day of the year, but it was warmer.  No storms. NO snow!

So we went out and embraced it!  No telling what tomorrow will bring!
I know this ended up being a post about the weather and not the dogs.  I apologize.  Maybe later this week...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Birthday Post

Today, well tonight actually...actually who knows by the time I finish this it may be tomorrow.  But this weekend I want to celebrate the lives of our very first litter here at Finley River Retrievers.  These guys are three today...or yesterday depending on when you see this or when I finish.  Actually, since they were born between 10 pm and 3 am, this may go out on their actual birthday.  Anyway, if you want to take a trip down Memory Lane, click here, or here, and here.  And this one is cute too... and this one.

It's so fun to look back at these old pictures!  Time really flies!
What's so awesome to me is that so many people post pictures of these guys now and recently have graciously given us an update on many of them!  I have loved seeing and reading all about them!  So here is what people are saying about the cute little fur balls that I remember...
This is Apolla, the original Hollie.  The brother, Midas, she refers to also comes from us!

This is Murphie.  He was the biggest of the litter.  We called him Mater.  What a great dog!

Murphie again

This is Bear.  He has always had that name because he was chosen quickly and she'd already had a name picked.
Fun fact about Bear...he was in a wedding recently in the mountains!  I just thought that was cool.

This is Mowgli, the original Lightning.  I'd say his owners like him okay if they had a birthday party for him!!
And this is Linus, originally named Finn.  If he doesn't look like his father I don't know who does!!  We have a lot of interest in the dark ones, so here's proof that they can get as dark as Huck!
 They are all beautiful and I love them and I can't thank everyone enough for the pictures!  It makes my heart happy to see the joy they bring to people.  I know it's all about the dog and doesn't have much to do with me, but we are happy to have been a part of their beginnings! 
These babies have grown into fine, young dogs.  Make me proud!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do we dare say "Spring?"

It's been 9 days since I have posted anything.  Not that that's just terribly long.  But when I decided to get back on here and post something, I realized I had a lot of pictures.  I had to decide which ones to go with.
I still had some of the last couple of puppies' last days.

Or of me trying to take pictures of all the paw prints in the snow, which only ended up being a big shadow of me.
That would have been a really boring post.
 There were a few of my son pretending to give Lucy a bath with snow while she just stood there and tolerated it.
And then there were several of when the snow melted and it rained and all the dogs looked homeless.
There were a few of the beautiful mornings we had following the cold spells, one of which was my "dog in the fog" picture.
But since I think we're all over the snow, and the cold, and I'm really over the mud...I thought I'd post about our trips to the river the last two days.
Guess which river??

It goes without saying that we were all ready to do something outside in the sunshine without hats and gloves!
The boys and dogs bailed in!

 Finley (yeah, we kept one.  What?  We needed another one) wasn't sure of the water at first.
But we coaxed her in.  Now she stands in the dog water at home.

There are too many pictures not to share!
I promise I tried to cut back.

But I think we're all giddy about spring!

I hope we have many more sunny, warm days ahead!
Such considerate dogs...making sure I don't get left out up on the bank.
Okay, Okay, that's probably enough for today.  That's not all I have though.  Maybe tomorrow I'll share the others.  I know you all can hardly wait...