Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring is here!!I

We've been having some warm weather here finally.  It's great for everyone!  

This week we took the boys to the river to fish.

And the dogs plunged in!!

They loved it!!

Surprisingly though, there wasn't a single fish to catch after 5 dogs ripped through the water!

So obviously, the fishing didn't keep his attention.

Huck isn't much of a swimmer...more of a wader.

The swimming didn't keep the dogs' attention either.  They were distracted by a squirrel that
ran into this tree.

They never did find that pesky thing!
I don't know why they're disappointed, I don't know
that they've ever actually caught one.

This is our new addition, Elsa!  She's still getting used to everything.

But she already looks the part of a Finley River Retriever!

These are my boys.  They are the best of buds, they get along great.

I mean, sometimes they do.
And sometimes they pull each other into the freezing cold water.

This was the catch of the day!
Caught by the bare hands of my very brave boys.
(Yeah right, they screamed.  I caught it.)

But I handed it to them and they thought they were tough.

We can't wait for more of these days to come!

Days where we can all get filthy, 

and tired!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to our #1 Litter!!

Well, I put out a real effort to get this birthday greeting out right on time.  Obviously it didn't happen.  I'm 3 days late.  But, Finley River Retrievers turned two!  I say that because that was the day our first litter was born.

So many firsts we experienced with these guys!  We were so excited when their eyes started to open.

Candy too, experienced several being exhausted.

We had so much fun with these puppies!  We thought putting them in wagon and dragging them around was a good idea.

Here's Mia when she was about 4 weeks old.


I can't remember who all of these were but this has been one of my favorite pictures ever.

This too!


Mowgli in the middle, Sadie on the left chewing on him.

Nikki and my son.  Awe, he too was just a little guy!!



I think this is Murphie trying to test out the water...involuntarily obviously.

I think this is Linus in the front?

They also tore up everything too.  But it was cool, they were cute.

Those puppies got crazy!  And we loved it!
And here they are now!!
(A few of them anyway)

All grown up and dignified.

Thank you all for the updated birthday pictures of your furry family members!  Thank you for keeping us updated on them.  Thank you for giving them such loving homes.  Thank you for being patient with us too and trusting us with your puppy for 8 weeks.  I'll be honest, we didn't know what we were doing back then!!  We just knew we loved the puppies and wanted to find good homes for them.  I think we did!  They will always be a very special group to us.  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Thankful/Sad Post

 First of all, I would like to thank so many of you out there for the success of this last litter.  They are all with their new owners now and we are very happy with all of them!!  My thanks goes out of course, to the loving people who took them into their home, but also to those of you out there who advertised for us!  This was the first time we sold a whole litter without a single person finding our ad!  They either saw someone who had a Finley River Retriever puppy, photos on facebook, stumbled across the blog, or someone told them about us!!  I think that is pretty cool!  It makes us happy!

But of course, all success must come with a price and a stroke of bad luck.  We experienced that last week.  We lost our sweet 8 month old Penny.  
She was my son's dog.  He'd call her "his very own puppy."  Pretty special since most of his puppies are only around for 8 weeks.
(the day we picked her up)
Of course, we fell in love with her fuzzy self and were hoping someday she too would contribute to the Finley River Retriever business.
She quickly fit right in with our outdoorsy family and dogs!
Sorry to is what it is,, conserving the deer population, and necessary.  
And Penny loved being around the action!
She loved all the action of being out in the country!
And she lived happily and freely until I noticed she wasn't feeling well last week.  I took her to the vet expecting to get some meds and bring her home.  I brought her home, but the prognosis wasn't good.  She tested positive for a rare virus that occurs mainly in young dogs who run freely in rural areas, mainly the midwest.  The cause is unknown and it is not contagious (so we were at least thankful for that).
We brought her home and the boys got a good lesson on how the the Lord gives and takes away.  We were all able to sit with her and say good bye and I will spare you from the heartwrenching details of what the boys did and said.
Now Penny is gone and we are adjusting.  It's still sad.  Especially now that Luke has added into his redundant prayer "and help Penny have fun up there."  But we have the memories of this funny, quirky puppy and the pictures that now I'm so thankful for.

So I thought I should post it.  That it's not all fun and puppies.  As my dad says with his cattle, "when you have that many cows, you're bound to lose some.  It's just how it is."  So I guess that's kind of how it is with the dogs.  We do have a lot of dogs.  But he doesn't let his cows inside to sleep by the fire, or in the car to go to town, or the back of the truck to go to the river.  So this is totally different!  She was our pet too.
R. I. P. Miss Penny Pup.